The Balance

The problem for any small business owner is separating work from life. I always tell people owning a small business is full time work with part time pay and I’m sure it goes across the board. In my case, my work also goes hand in hand with my greatest hobby and most involving social activity. I learned a long time ago, despite how I may schedule or try, there is no separation.

The last week has brought a lot of accomplishments and victories as well as unexpected disappointments and challenges. I’ll admit, I’ve not been good at taking each in stride. I’m attempting to simplify, but that’s difficult with several balls in the air.

One good, but surprisingly disappointing occurrence is the decreased number of quilts on my “to do” rack. I currently have 5 quilts. I haven’t had a queue less than 15 in nearly 3 years. While I have had some clients call and patiently agree to wait, it is indeed the goal to clear off the rack, but if feels very odd. Don’t get me wrong, it’s happy thing and I owe most of it to my associate, Karen, who has been so generous in helping me complete them.

One such completed quilt is the MWQG 2018 Raffle Quilt. Being the chairperson for this quilt, I’d be remiss to not plug the link here. It is a very pink quilt. It really wasn’t supposed to be that pink, but I think it turned out well.

Another victory is the passing vote on a guild project. I, in ignorance of the ways of fate, volunteered to chair a guild project to make 22 quilts for the new Washington City Mission Veterans Center. It was mere days after I volunteered that I made the decision to relocate the studio. Bad timing, Melanie, bad timing. I’ve had to shift my requirements for the project and I’m very fortunate that the guild ladies seem to be enthusiastic about the 10 month project. The preliminary plans for this project have taken quite a bit of thought. It must be relaxing, however, to sit down at my computer to design a quilt and block drive, because I find myself retreating to the office when I should be sorting boxes.

Here’s a picture of Ro displaying her Daisy vest at the Guild show and tell….cuz she’s cute.

Its not all been work, hubby and I also took in a Pirate game and Ro had a cockatiel painted on her arm at a birthday party (it actually looks like a cockatoo…but whos counting).

The weekend did bring great strides in remodeling the new space. John and Chris took out the wood furnace and hearth to make way for a clean burning propane heater. I’ve had many reservations about doing this, mostly because it’s a large, unplanned, startup cost but also because changing out a renewable, (somewhat ) free heating source for a nonrenewable, costly gas goes against everything I’ve been taught.

The next step is to finish making two store rooms become one….rather, eliminate half our collected junk and move stuff from the large store room, to the small one. It feels really shameful to me that we have two rooms of unused crap. Last night I reduced 6 boxes of vintage clothing, curtains and linens to 3 boxes. While I was unable to part with Gram Ihnat’s wedding gown or Pap D’Alessandro’s chenille bedspread, I did decide to let go of countless dated curtain panels and my sister’s May Day gowns from the 80s. Part of me wants to sell them on ebay, the other part just wants to bury them in a goodwill box and be done with it.

Chris moved his comic books the new store room. Look how happy he is!

Amid all the rain, there have been a slew of other, rather damp, issues. My home PC crashed yet again, but thank goodness for tech savy friends who are willing to help. We will be taking a break from work this weekend. Birthdays parties and family have their well-deserved priority. In the meantime, we have to figure out the type of flooring we’ll put in the new studio. It’s a very hard decision as each has pros and cons. I am attempting to finish the 5 remaining quilts on my studio rack, 1 half day at a time and then at some point, I have to pack up the current studio.

There really are not enough hours in the day for all that needs done. The kid will be going back to school soon and I would like to spend some time with her. …the work will have to wait.

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