New Beginnings

I’m really bad at this blogging thing.

  1. I really don’t have enough spare time to sit down at my PC and relive my days. I’ve always wondered how some of these blogging moms have time to do it. I’ve settled on the fact that they must let their children run nekkid in the wild, whilst they make martinis and cupcakes and then blog about them.

  2. I think the general public really won’t care that we found two baby snapping turtles last week. ….maybe? Who knows?

I had a very particular plan when is came to the relocation of the studio. Hubby is an uber project manager and his waterfall/agile/phase/i-don’t-know-what-I’m-talking-about planning skills have rubbed off on me. First we were to finish our current queue of quilts, estimated to take about 2 months. During that time I was planning to “mill” around the basement and do light tasks. Second phase was to happen in September, after the kid went back to school and the massive reorganization was to take place. In this phase, the tool room needed to be emptied and reorganized to clean out the store room. Then the store room needed to be reorganized in order to clean out…the other store room. Then, we could start knocking down walls, painting, flooring, yada yada yada.

I will now pause to remember what this space looked like 11 years ago at the birth of Graceful Quilting by Kay....okay so I dont have that many photos of the "space" but you can see "Gracie" when she was brand new.

All these plans start to fall apart when you take into account that my days are highly unstructured and that my body can, on any given day, be completely useless to me….very much like today and very unlike yesterday. Therefore I have learned when it rains, take advantage of the water and do 10 loads of laundry….i.e. if I have the help and energy on a Saturday, we’ll be working on the tool room. And so that’s whats been happening!

You should know….I’m also very bad at BEFORE pictures. When I do something I’m not thinking about someone else comparing the progress. I just jump right in. The tool room, a.k.a the basement foyer, is where Graceful Quilting guests will be walking through to get to the studio space…right after they walk through the garage. Its one of the things I do not like about this move, but you work with what you have and make the best of it. The garage will be cleaned up and I’ll have to schedule clients on days when the Hubby’s car isn’t there. The tool room will always be a tool room, but I must make a concerted effort to keep it organized. Here's some progress on the "foyer".

Above, you can see Step-dad and Hubby taking out old shelves in the closet. Then we put in some old black shelves with crates for our tools and hardware. The Pic below shows the first wall customers will see. I have yet to decide which quilt to hang there.

Mommy's little helper...

Above is the tool bench, reorganized. It will eventually be covered by a curtain, as I cannot guarantee the organization of it.

In between the proverbial rain drops of energy and organization, there’s still been quilting and a ton of planning. One of the most difficult parts is trying to fit a 1700sq ft studio into a 700sq ft space. The floor plan has been rearranged more than once and my brain is forever hatching ideas to make the space more efficient. These are kust a couple variations on the plans

The current space boasts an open rack to hang customer quilts on, however, not only will the basement be exposed to my friendly feline, but its also a damp basement despite the fact we run a dehumidifier. Its super important to me that quilts and other such storage (batting, fabric, yarn, fiber…etc) be “closable”. I was fortunate that Step-dad happened upon this metal closet. I have a matching one in the studio that isn’t being used well. They don’t make them like this anymore. I will paint them…cuz….well….brown.

I also had this cool old cart…..I’ve painted it and it will become the base for a portable ironing station. My plan is to “fit” it under the cutting table to maximize space when not in use.

Above, I've already primed the cart with rusty metal primer, then I got into a fight with the metallic spray paint. Below is the finished cart. The top wont be visible so I left it silver. That blue is going to be the accent color. Most furniture will be white or espresso brown. I needed some color and couldn't decide on one until I saw this!

Aside from those "little" doings, mom has been REALLY anxious to start painting. We did a little last Saturday..... As you can see, there's still alot of stuff in that room that SHOULD HAVE been moved out. The old paneling was shellaced at some point, so we're actually having to sand it, wipe it down, then prime it with Gripper.

Here's the other half of the room, with a wall...that will be removed. Yesterday I actually moved about 50% of that stuff out of that room...probably why I'm useless today.

So thats it for now. This weekend we will be moved items, possibly taking out the wood furnace and that pesky wall. I'm trying to re-plan the timeline, because I've been really uncomfortable with the idea of denying quilts until November. I do still need to take time, but perhaps that can come later....

Thanks for stopping by!

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