Services and Pricing

Every quilt is different, thats why we offer a number of services. Pictured are just a few samples of my quilting and the price range it would fall into. To get a very rough estimate of how much it would cost to have your quilt quilted, use this formula:

         (Width of quilt in inches) X (Length of quilt in inched) X (Price per square inch in cents)= approximate cost of quilting 


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Quilting Services

Level 1 - $.02/Square Inch


Simple or Large patterned Pantograph. Pantographs are edge to edge designs, often interlocking that come is a variety of patterns. Pantographs are great for childrens quilt, quick quilts or quilts that do not a feature a particular block pattern. Typically a pantograph cannot be used on applique or three-dimensional quilts.


As of January 1st, 2016, $.015 services were discontinued.

Level 2 - $.025/Square Inch


Complicated or Small patterned pantograph. These pantographs are tighter patterns, often more time consuming and using more thread.

Level 3 - $.03/Square Inch


Freehand Custom Quilting with special attention to borders and blocks using standard designs. Large feathering or loops. Medium to Large continuous curve (4"-6" blocks). Large fill in designs.

Level 4 - $.035/Square inch


Freehand Custom Quilting with special attention and heavier detail. Specialized and creative design with feathering, small continuous curve (4" blocks and smaller). Small to Medium fill-in work.

High level quilting - $.04/Square Inch and up


Dense fill-in work, highly detailed work. Intense design consultation and collaboration.

Additional Services and Products

* Hand Sewn Bindings - $ .25/Linear Inch

                                  Our apologies, we are unable to provide curved binding services or machine binding services.


*Hanging Sleeves - $ .30/Linear Inch


*Batting and Backing- Call for Pricing and availability

                                 We can provide a wide variety of battings made by Quilters Dream Batting!


*Rush Charge - $ .005/Sq Inch

                                  If  your quilt is needed before its turn in our queue,

                                                                     we may have to work "overtime" to get it finished for you.