1/17/17-Due to health issues, I am not accepting quilts at this time. I hope to be accepting quilts again in late 2017. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Custom quilting, for your one-of-a-kind quilt!

Who is Graceful Quilting?


                  In 2005, my mom, Kay, started "Graceful Quilting by Kay" with "Gracie", her Gammill Classic Longarm. Four years later, she began to teach me everything she knew about longarm quilting. In 2012, Kay retired, entrusting "Gracie" and her devoted clients to me. Now, I'm honored to call all of those clients, new and old, my friends. There's a certain joy that comes from being a quilter, and an even greater joy that comes from helping a fellow quilter finish that special project. Every quilt that comes into my studio is admired and given its own spotlight, they deserve no less. Likewise, every quilter is just as important. I pride myself on providing affordable, practical quilting for every quilter. Quilting has always been about fellowship, warmth and comfort. I look forward to sharing those values with you....and your quilt!


~ Melanie Beth Scott

   Owner, Operator of Graceful Quilting 


Studio Updates!

01/17/17 - Just 3 short months after opening my new home studio, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While I expect to make a full recovery, I regrettably cannot provide service with the 110% attention that each quilt deserves.

Please check back in late 2017 for updates.

09/29/2016 I am happy to announce our re-opening in my new space! Join me and read about the progress on my blog, "Running Stitches".

Thanks for being great customers!


After 10 years of charging $.015/per square inch for our Pantographs, we reluctantly decided we had to keep up with the market and raise our pantograph prices to $.02 this year. We strive to provide practical and affordable services to our quilters and we look forward to continuing this service.





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Graceful Quilting

by Melanie Beth Scott

Avella, Pennsylvania


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